The first Poplus Committee Meeting

16 May 2014 by Catalina Margozzini

We put out a call that anyone who was interested in helping to run Poplus as a federation was welcome to join our first committee meeting. That happened today, online.

Over 20 people in multiple timezones attended the meeting via IRC. It was a surprisingly good platform for ensuring that everyone had their say!

Poplus is a very new federation, and its committee is still open to anyone. If you want to be part of the decision-making, there is still time to get involved. Join the Google Group and make yourself known.

In today's meeting, we formed several sub-groups. We now have small committees who will be actively working on:


This group will be working together to run Poplus meet-ups, conferences and talks, and also to make sure that we are represented at existing events.

They've already earmarked several events that Poplus members will be present at, including Transparency Camp in Washington DC, LeggComm in Montreal, the Personal Democracy Forum in New York and OK Fest in Berlin. Say hello if you're going to be at any of these and would like to make contact.


The Components group will offer support in the creation and use of Poplus Components, and will also work towards the creation of a certification standard.

Their duties will include overseeing / helping with scoping and technical documentation of Poplus Components, as well as giving technical support to anyone who needs it.


The Communications group will be setting a strategy for outreach to potential members and member organisations. They'll also oversee our online offerings.

Since this group's duties will embrace both outreach and accessibility, their first suggested areas of work are to consider leading a translation initiative, and to discuss a means to ensure that women are well represented among Poplus' members.


Every organisation has its financial concerns, and Poplus is no different. The Finance group will be looking at issues such as obtaining funding grants, which jurisdiction we should be registered in, and which roles are required within the organisation by law, once we receive any moneys.


Importantly, this is not the committee that oversees all other committees; rather, it is a group which will come up with suggestions for how Poplus should be run as we go forward, and which will put these suggestions in front of the wider group for agreement.

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