Minutes from the second Communications committee meeting

06 Jun 2014 by Myf Nixon

Here are the minutes from the Communications subcommittee meeting on 6th June 2014.

Poplus subcommittees are free for anyone to join in - keep an eye on the Google Group to find out when the next one is.

These minutes were also posted on the Google Group here - visit that link to see comments and discussion.


Perhaps the most important point was a discussion around what we hope to achieve - whether this committee should have targets (eg number of active members, geographic spread) - and what our strategy is to make this happen.

We would welcome discussion on those points in this thread and will be returning to our next meeting with some ideas.

1. Actions from last meeting

a) Myf to change the PoplusCon menu header and page title to 'Poplus Conference' because it's not immediately obvious to a newcomer what it means.

b) Lucha to ask the FCI lab to get the existing Poplus Conference video at the top of the page.

c) Myf to add images to any pages where the text would benefit from being broken up a bit. She'll source the images from the Poplus Flickr pool. Steve and Lucha are going to think about where and what sort of infographics might help.

d) Myf, Jen and Lucha to gather examples of where Components have been deployed, and to find a place to link to them as examples for visitors who want to understand more graphically how they can be used. Steve suggested setting up a Hackpad where people could add new deployments as they happen and we could pick them up from there.

e) While noting the discussion about Planet, we think it needs to be easier for non-techie people to add blog posts.Lucha to investigate what's possible.

f) All Communications Committee people are primed (!) to spot when someone says something interesting and to ask them to blog it.

g) Lucha to get email for press set up.

2. Video

FCI have access to an advertising company who give their services largely for free. Lucha will organise an informative outreach video, and in order to do so we need to decide what is the single most important proposition for Poplus.

You can read further discussion about this on the agenda document but our conclusion for now is "people collaborating across boundaries to prevent reinvention of the wheel for civic and democratic organisations". Note that this was just within the meeting and further thought will be given to this!

3. How to share experiences and stories

It was agreed that the best platform for this is the blog, where others can then comment and ask questions, etc. Lucha mentioned that videos are an accessible way for people to chat through their experiences.

It would be good if a feedback cycle was included in the Components authorisation system - so that at launch, and maybe or 12 months later, the Comms team could approach deployers and developers for a case study.

4. Connecting with other online groups.

Steve suggested tracking Google Group sign-ups (action for Myf) and talked about a welcoming experience, eg every few weeks asking new people to introduce themselves and making sure we regularly re-post the basics so that we don't assume newcomers will just know how things work.

Lucha would like to see a map which visualised where our members are in the world. Possibly there's an off-the-shelf solution for this, and she can ask FCI's devs.

Steve mentioned that it would be nice to have a named contact in each country so that newcomers had someone to communicate with in the first instance.

Actions: Myf to gather information about where everyone comes from, Lucha to explore the map idea. Steve to oversee the idea of in-country contacts?

5. Finance

We don't have any major costs upcoming but some may emerge when we have a clearer strategy. Lucha mentioned that $400 or so might improve the video. Steve said that he could spend more time on outreach if we were able to subsidise it.

6. Other business

The get involved page should include links to everywhere we are active, including IRC, Trello etc, and look at embedding a button so people can join the Google Group with a click.

The committees should be in the order of which are most compelling, and there should be links to their hackpads. Action: Myf to oversee this.

There should be RSS and subscribe by email options on the blog - James has added an RSS link already! And covered the other points, see https://github.com/ciudadanointeligente/home-poplus/pull/49.

Next meeting: Friday 20th June: Myf will send out calendar invitations to anyone who has previously participated, but shout if you'd like one. She'll also publish the Hangout link and an agenda nearer the time.

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