SayIt Launch

15 Jan 2014 by Jen Bramley

SayIt launches today - you can check it out here. The latest Poplus component, SayIt was built by mySociety.

SayIt is a new way to publish transcripts online - transcripts such as parliamentary debates, court trials, speeches, or even playscripts. It can be embedded into your website, or used as a standalone instance.

You might be used to publishing, or reading, transcripts as PDFs or Microsoft Word documents. Now SayIt brings transcripts into the internet age. Search them for any keyword, link to individual speeches, browse by speaker or date - they'll even look good on mobiles.

To show you SayIt's full capabilities, we've published a few examples:

Perhaps you can see some exciting uses for SayIt? It will work in any language, so long as the transcripts are formatted to the Akoma Ntoso standard. Whether or not you have the technical skills to convert your data to this format, please get in touch with mySociety and we'll help you get your transcripts online.

Want to know more? Have a look through mySociety's launch blog post.

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