2013-11-26 Poplus Meeting

28 Aug 2013 by Marcel Augsburger

We've been having skype meetings for a while now, getting together every 2 weeks to talk about how the different Poplus projects are going and what our next steps are going to be. So we're using these posts to keep everyone up to date.

Please feel free to comment, ask, and participate!

What we talked about this week:

  • Jen (from Mysociety, UK) is coming to Chile (where Ciudadano Inteligente is based) on April! Yay! So we could have a Poplus event around that date.
  • Pop-it is going to have per-instance private fields, and will use API keys. Check out the github issue here.
  • Ciudadano Inteligente is working on a PMO site, so they (we) are going to check out Pombola to see if it could be reused and extended.
  • More work on write-it, focusing on the needs of the new chilean PMO site, poke-it (new project), and pombola.
  • Jen has new changes for the poplus site! So we (FCI) need to take a look at that. We might try prose.io as a tool for edition.
  • We have now tried the tool and think that is it awesome
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