Hello World! (not a sample post)

28 Aug 2013 by Pedro Daire

This is a very humble post, actually it's almost done. The only reason to write this post is to tell the obvious, this site is up.

Poplus.org was built to be the hub for all who might be interested in Poplus project (to become a member, to use the technology, to ask for support, to point out a problem, to suggest a new feature or aliance). mySociety and Ciudadano Inteligente have been working for the last months in a set of components to support web application with civic purposes. Currently the list is short but it's enough to build a lot of websites, that's why we feel ready to say: "Hello World! Poplus project is ready to be use and grow".

In Poplus.org you'll find:

  • A description of Poplus project (what, why, who, etc)
  • Catalogue of components and their description.
  • Catalogue of deploys (using at least one poplus component) around the world.
  • Links to the workspace where poplus components are being developed (repositiries, mailing list, board of features and ideas).
  • A form to apply as volunteer.
  • A list of volunteers.
  • This blog (anything related with poplus project we want to talk about).

We would like you to join the community in the level of your confort; there is no one way to be involved in poplus project, just find your way.

Techie P.S.: the website was built using Jekyll and is hosted by GitHub. We totally love this new way of website creation.

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