Minutes from the first Communications committee meeting

23 May 2014 by Myf Nixon

Here are the minutes from the Communications subcommittee meeting on 23rd May 2014.

Poplus subcommittees are free for anyone to join in - keep an eye on the Google Group to find out when the next one is.

These minutes were also posted on the Google Group here - visit that link to see comments and discussion.

Attendees: Ernesto Gimeno, Jen Bramley, Gemma Humphreys, Khairil Yousof, Myf Nixon, Lucha Sotomayor, Zarino Zappia

New website

We agreed that it's good to go live. Zarino needs to set up some page redirects so he'll be in touch with Felipe Alvarez.

Some changes/additions we'd like to see in the next iteration of the site:

*The FCI video (ACTION - Lucha to ticket the request on Github, including a suggestion for where it should go on the site) *More images (ACTION - Myf to ticket the addition of some image elements to the site's interior pages) *A clearer description of what happened at the Poplus conference with perhaps a round-up of the posts from around the world (that are seen in a Google Groups thread) Action: Myf to write this copy. *Links to sites where Components have been deployed. This is for the non-developer groups who might want to use Components but can't see at a glance what they are for or how they work. (ACTION - Jen to decide which current sites are the best examples and to make a ticket requesting a page where we include screenshots and links - Myf can help write the copy if required)

We decided that

*The Github pull request system currently means that anyone can suggest changes, but that someone can still have an overall say for the tone and voice of the website, which is good, but:

  • the interface is highly tecchy and will dissuade anyone non-technical from contributing.

  • As things stand it's currently ok. We might want to look at a more accessible platform, like Wordpress, or http://prose.io/, in the future.

  • At the moment we'd like it if people pointed us towards their own blog posts (in any language) about Poplus activities, or sent us text, so we can paste it into the Poplus blog.(ACTION - Myf to start a Google Groups thread asking people to do this, also see below re tweets)

  • Everyone within the Comms sub-committee should have different tasks; one of them can be reminding people to write up their activities (Volunteer wanted to be this person)

  • The facilitator of each sub-committee should also be responsible for making sure summaries of their activity appear on the blog at regular intervals. (ACTION - as above - Myf can put into same thread as the blogs one)

  • We need to set up an email address for press enquiries - eg [email protected] (ACTION- Lucha to make a ticket requesting this)

  • We should incorporate the events calendar that the Events committee discussed yesterday. (ACTION Gemma to see what needs to be done, and ticket it)

  • We should add a link to the promotional materials, as discussed in Events yesterday (ACTION - Lucha to decide where the link should go and add, or ask someone to add it).


Jen said that the current strategy is to look at the attendee lists for the events we know we're attending, and contact people by email beforehand.

We'd encourage others to do the same with events worldwide, but only if they are comfortable doing so. The materials download pack should help.

This strategy is good so far, but may leave out the groups who do not attend such events.

To reach less tecchy groups, we need to show results: how Components are useful and how they’ve been deployed.

Maybe a video? Lucha will speak to an advertisement company who are friendly with FCI in order to see if they have any good ideas. (OGP did this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bq_ZWl1ZXA0)


We’re not truly global if we don’t translate.

Key sections of the website should be translated into key languages.

  • Spanish (FCI)

  • Chinese (Mandarin)

First ask if there are any volunteers for translation, and then see if we need to pay anyone. (ACTION - Myf to ask on Google Groups; Khairil to ask Sinar and G0v.tw about Mandarin. Isabel has volunteered Portuguese)


The Poplus Twitter account could be wider-ranging.

We suggested changing curator for the Twitter account, passing a new password along to whoever is hosting an event.

What do we tweet about?

  • Development

  • What organizations are doing

In between times, everyone should tweet from their own accounts and include @poplus, and we'll retweet. (ACTION: Myf add to the same Google Groups thread as the one about blog posts).

Communications committee meetings

Will be every fortnight. We'll monitor to see whether this is too frequent or not enough, and change acordingly as time passes.

Next meeting 6th June, all welcome. (ACTION - Myf to calendarise)

Keep a rolling agenda on this same document. (ACTION - All: Everyone is welcome to contribute points for discussion)

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