Components updates

08 Jan 2014 by Jen Bramley

It's been a while since our last chat so we've had a lot to update on.

The biggest news for mySociety is that we're due to launch SayIt next week. Keep your eyes peeled for emails, tweets and other information surrounding the launch!

There's been quite a bit of work done on PopIt and we're hoping to make a start on some pagination soon. We have a group from Malaysia, the Sinar Project, who will be using PopIt there soon we hope!

Ciudadano Inteligente have also made a start on their parliamentary monitoring site which is currently running BillIt(our first use case!) and will also be running WriteIt.

In other news the FCI dev team have been discussing a VotaInteligente site for Morocco and some potential WriteIt uses there as well.

Don't forget that you can leave comments here or on the Poplus mailing list for us.

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