Write stories

People in the Poplus community have expressed a desire to hear stories from others who are trying to use digital technologies to empower citizens, open governments and get things changed.

You can help Poplus by sharing your experiences. You can write them in any language; and even better, you or other Poplus members can translate your stories so that everyone can benefit from them.

Add your contributions to the Google Group

Organise Poplus events (or take Poplus to other events)

Poplus started at the Poplus conference in Santiago, Chile, in May 2014.

In order for people to come together to share stories, technology and lessons we will need to have more events, in more places.

So you can help by either helping to organise an event about Poplus, or by going to an existing event and telling people about Poplus. Just don’t forget to join the Poplus mailing list and tell other people what you have planned!

Write code

If you’re a coder, there are lots of ways you can get involved.

You can learn about Poplus Components, try them out, and give feedback to the people who are building them. Or you can contribute directly to the development of current Poplus Components, or build new ones. Read about what a Poplus component is, and learn about the ones that already exist.

But Poplus is not just for people who want to use Poplus Components - it’s for anyone who thinks there is value in sharing lessons relating to technologies for citizens. So if you already run a civic or democratic tech project, and you want to be connected to Poplus, just join the mailing list and tell us a bit about yourself, your project, and what you’re trying to do next.


Help us make Poplus look elegant, and communicate effectively. If you have design skills, our developers will be very happy to meet you. Just drop us a line on the mailing list.