If you would like to add yourself or your organisation to the map, here's how.

People all over the world are involved in Poplus. We can't always meet up in the same place, so we make very good use of online spaces!

Here's where you can talk and collaborate on current Poplus projects.

Mailing list

Our Google Group is the main place for discussions of all sorts. Read introductions and add your own.

Hackpad & Google Docs

We use Hackpad and Google Docs for collaborative note-taking, agendas, and notes from meetings.


For instant chat, find us on #poplus on Freenode


Trello is where we discuss and prioritise work tasks. There's a board specifically for ideas for new Components.


Poplus Components are all Open Source. You can find their code or add tickets for bugs or suggested changes on GitHub.

See the Components page for links.