Here are all the Poplus Components in existence. They vary between being very mature and brand new.


A lovely, easy-to-set-up transactional email server. Sending email can be painful. Do your emails get delivered? Are you considered a spammer? What about all those bounces? Let's make sending email fun again!

Represent Boundaries

A web API to geographic areas, like electoral districts. Easily find the areas that cover your users' locations to display location-based information, like profiles of electoral candidates.


A web service which makes it easy to store and retrieve written transcripts and written statements made by politicians and other public figures.


A web service which makes it easy to find out which administrative area (i.e county, city, region) covers a particular point. Mature and stable.


Public person messaging tool. Avoid the hassle of mail servers, creating special gmail accounts for your website. If you want your user to send messages you're in the right place. Just write it, we deliver it...


Flexible Document storage tool. Bills, contracts, papers it doesn't matter Billit will keep them tidy, labeled, accesible, findable. Conceived as a bill tracker, born as a document manager.