Poplus Components are independent pieces of software developed to solve a range of common problems encountered when building civic and democratic websites. These common problems include tasks like:

  • Making and maintaining up-to-date data on politicians
  • Working out what district, city or region a particular problem or politician relates to

Using Poplus Components, mixed with your own code, it becomes much less time consuming to build and then maintain a variety of apps and sites. For example, this Parliamentary Monitoring site in South Africa uses two Poplus Components - SayIt and MapIt.

This is a very high-level description of what a Poplus Component is. For a much more detailed description, see our definition of a Poplus Component page.

Why use a Poplus Component?

Do you have too much time? Or perhaps too much money? Or too many friends who are coders and designers?

If not, then you might want to use Poplus Components to help power your new democratic & civic website or app. They’re all about saving weeks or months of development time, without saying ‘You must use this language’ or ‘You must use this application'.

Also, you might want to use a Poplus Component because they allow non-technical and technical people to collaborate more effectively. Non-technical people can use high-quality interfaces to add and manipulate data, which programmers can then suck into tools and apps to make them work.

Take a look at some examples of Poplus components in use right now, for ideas of how they might help you.