Poplus is an open federation of people and organisations from many different countries. Our joint mission is to share knowledge and technology that can help us to help citizens.

Poplus' founding principle is that collaborative civic coding can help save time and expense for people and organisations everywhere. And that sharing stories and lessons will help us all to be as effective as possible.

Civic websites often need the same basic functionalities, no matter what kind of legislature or form of government they operate within. At Poplus we have been trying to build technologies that can save us all time and money by re-using each others work.

We call the resulting software Poplus Components. They are open source and are available for anyone to use for free.

How Poplus began

In April 2014, the first Poplus conference threw the doors open to international attendees, who discussed how to take the project forward - what makes a Component, what Components are most needed, how Poplus should organise itself, and how to facilitate communication.

If you are interested in joining Poplus, you can find out more.

Where is Poplus going next?

Poplus is just getting started. We have goals to hold more events, build more shared technologies, and to share more stories of success and failure. But the real answer is that we are going where you want us to go. So why not get involved, and help plot our journey?