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Sharing technology to help civic and democratic projects… everywhere


Organisations all over the world are holding governments to account, challenging corruption, and demanding the right to transparency, and they are using digital technologies to do so.

Why should every organisation have to write their software from scratch? By sharing code, we can make things quicker and easier, freeing up time for the important things.

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Poplus Components are useful, interactive bits of technology that you can slot right into your website or app.

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Poplus is an open federation with members all over the world. Your code and skills can really help make a difference.

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Poplus Components are open source and free for anyone to use.

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Write and send messages to public figures


Map geographic points to administrative boundaries


Record, search and track bills as they change


Search, browse and share your transcripts

Represent Boundaries

Match your users with location-based information


A lovely, easy-to-set-up transactional email server